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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Engineering Deck 12 (Version 3.01 / 130112)
(click on for illustration)

I dare to say that the revision of E-Deck 12 is quite a paradigm shift from the first draft and was rather time consuming (though it probably doesn’t show):

Part I:

The Main Sensor-Deflector Engine Room, is, of course, the only canonical location for the engine room ever revealed in TOS (by the alien entity seen leaving the ship in “Day of the Dove” – TOS-R put it further to the stern but I’ll have an engine room there on E-Deck 9, too, so it’s going to be up to the viewer where he wants to see the entity leave…).

And first discussed here, “The Immunity Syndrome” definitely suggested an engine room with a power pipe ‘cathdral’ facing the bow! (Though it’s difficult to see from Scotty’s point of view in the - for this one time occasion redressed - Emergency Manual Monitor set, every fan has a pretty good idea where the cathedral is and where the entry to this engine room would or should be).

As illustrated the forced perspective of the cathedral (this is the only time I will not ‘unforce’ the perspective), i.e. actual proportions of the studio set, works rather well extending into the main sensor-deflector, but the actual leveling should make alignment between the innermost sensor-deflector ring and the “ceiling struts” of this engine room possible:

Next to “The Immunity Syndrome” I’d only be sure we’ve seen this one in “Journey to Babel”, too, especially since we never saw the starboard side walls of this engine room, which enabled me to keep Yeoman Rand’s “Deck 12” cabin (now at 10 o’clock) from “The Enemy Within”. Apparently, the WNM corridor angle on the starboard side still needs to move further to the center to
a) enable Janice at least to have a “Corbomite Maneuver” wall closet,
b) to align the WNM ladder booth better with the corridor line and
c) to make a straight extension to the 10 o’clock turbo lift possible (although I don’t know yet, if I can put this “offer” to good use, on E-Deck 10 perhaps).

The great thing about “The Enemy Within” is that the Season Two corridor can stay essentially as it is, because the shots outside Rand’s Deck 12 cabin don’t reveal that many details to make an “upgrade rationalization” necessary (except the missing yellow door near the 8 o’clock turbo lift).

For the Karidian’s guest quarters from “The Conscience of the King” I didn’t find a better place, but changed its rotation and did some original set reconstruction (two “Pike shelves” facing each other).

Having relocated Harry Mudd’s cabin to E-Deck 13, Dr. McCoy can now have his provisional cabin (with the window above his bed) from “The Man Trap” on the port side while Captain Kirk’s provisional cabin has remained on the starboard side.

Frankly, the more I think about it, the less I’m happy with Commodore Decker’s corridor on E-Deck 13 and I think to make this one diagonal will not only be the accurate way, but will also better visualize the function of these A-frame related panels I believe to be some kind of radiation protection screens (the shuttlecrafts’ fuel is radioactive). Inevitably I shall loose turbo shaft alignment in the 4 o’clock area.

And last but not least, the corridor in the intersection close to Kirk’s provisional cabin extended rather deep into the core area, as seen in “The Enemy Within” thus accuracy demanded to reproduce it accordingly (interesting riddle: was he on his way to an adjacent restroom to wash off the blood stains or did he want to hide in the engineering compartment behind the other yellow door?).

I have to admit that I had first intended to relocate the electro-plasma (EPS) primary relay (from the first draft on E-Deck 10) - suggested by the second part of the ENT episode “In A Mirror, Darkly” which took place aboard the USS Defiant (NCC-1764) – there anyway, so the aforementioned corridor near Kirk’s cabin decided the orientation…

One of the bigger deviations from the first draft is what I’d now like to refer to as the reactor core which more and more took the shape of a pre-TMP and pre-TNG vertical “warp core” (a predecessor, in essence), but I will get to this in Part II of a following text comment to describe my theory.

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