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Re: Crusade - You are the producer

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^ The Vorlons stood for order, and the Shadows were all about chaos. So that's why I view the former as good and the latter as evil. I'm funny that way.
They were both about manipulating others to do what they wanted. The Vorlons decided what they would or wouldn't 'allow' (remember how they murdered Deathwalker?), kidnapped and created telepaths from all of the entient races to use as weapons, kidnapped others to use as inquisitors/torturers. And, of course, played on the whole 'angelic being' thing so they could manipulate everybody through their religious beliefs.

Order isn't intrinsically good. It's just tidy.

Re: The apocalypse box...I seem to recall a theory that it's a prison of some sort. I don't recall why and I don't think it's something that came from JMS. It does seem to fit, though.

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