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Re: Current novels set in the TV time-frame?

I believe he also edited Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone.

Crediting editors can be a bit tricky sometimes. It's entirely possible, at Tor and Pocket and everywhere else, for a book to be acquired by one editor, edited by another, and maybe re-edited by yet another editor, just because of staff turnovers, editorial realignments, creative differences, and so on.

Case in point: To Reign in Hell was acquired by John Ordover, who worked closely with me on the original outline, but John had departed for greener pastures by the time I delivered the actual manuscript, which was edited by Ed Schlesinger. Ditto for my second Underworld book.

That sort of thing happens all the time. It's not at all uncommon for a manuscript to pass through two or three editors on its way to publication.

Heck, sometimes it's just a matter of lightening somebody's workload. "Hey, Greg. Sybill is swamped with the Space Vixens books. Would you mind taking over the vampire romances for the time being?"
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