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Re: TNG Caption This! 300: Captain, we're passing 300 contests!

Picard: I got a blind guy, a female security officer, a robot and a Klingon. Who decided to make -my- ship an affirmative action project anyways?

Picard: Hmm, shapely legs, nice breasts and doesn't talk... do you want a job at Helm young lady?

Crusher: The next person to say anything about my hair is getting this shoved where the sun doesn't shine.... sideways.

Riker: Should we begin planning a rescue mission?
Picard: I don't -want- to rescue those kids. They deserved to get kidnapped and Child Protective Services should be called in on the deadbeat parents that thought it was a good idea to bring them on a starship.

Worf: Commander Riker, I don't think it's appropriate for a Starfleet officer to appear... naked.
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