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Re: Great Intelligence (Spoilers)

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my general loathing of Tom Spilsbury has caused a DWM allergy
This quote wins the Internet.
His deluded belief that being Moffat's arse-kisser-in-Chief makes him somehow special always makes me laugh.
Yes, but as the DWM editor, that's part of his job brief and he's paid to be the arse-kisser-in-chief. What I find amusing that while someone like Ben Cook at least acts like he knows he's a propagandist for the Cardiff regime, Spilsbury pretends that he's an independent actor and his editorial decisions are his and his alone, which isn't true at all. It's the nature of the licensing game; there's nothing that DWM prints that Cardiff hasn't signed off on multiple times. Some things Cardiff will care about less than others (so something like the "Here's what the actors are doing" column will merit a "Whatever" at most), but anything they publish about the new series will have vetted to within an inch of its life.

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Especially when it leads to things like him confirming the GI's appearance in the Xmas Special in advance during an argument on Twitter. Wonder how that one went down with Cardiff...
That was not his finest moment. That was a Twitter argument with Blogtor Who, wasn't it?

I don't understand the antipathy in some corners of fandom for Blogtor Who. You can't link to Blogtor Who articles on Gallifrey Base, for example; the software will munge up the link and make it unusable. Maybe it's Blogtor Who's unwillingness to toe the party line? That's one of the striking things about fandom in the past few years, the inability in some quarters to tolerate a "loyal opposition" of criticism done out of love rather than hate.
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