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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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I just realized, this arc would have been infinitely better if Threepio were in it.
That would've been an improvement, but it's hard to justify a Senator's personal protocol droid being sent on a strictly military mission. Although I guess they could've arranged some mixup where Threepio ended up getting caught on their ship by mistake when it launched.

Why in the world they decided to make this into 4 episodes is beyond me.
Every arc this season has been a 4-parter. Even the seemingly standalone season premiere was actually a bumped-up part 1 of an arc that resumes next week. I guess the 4-part arcs last season such as the Umbara arc and the Obi-Wan undercover arc were well enough received that they decided to do the whole season that way. Or maybe they're "writing for the trade" -- doing 4-part arcs that can be released on home video as movie-length stories.

And I can't believe Artoo survived that huge HUGE explosion. That was so lame. At the very least they should have totally destroyed his body but salvaged his hard drive and put it into a new chassis.
I thought that was what they were going to do with the droid that was lost in hyperspace, the one Gascon had been riding around in. They made a big deal in part 1 about how that droid's memory was being removed to make room for Gascon's cockpit. I figured that would be a Chekhov's Gun and that the payoff would be that the droid's personality survived and could be placed in a new body. Instead, they just forgot about it.
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