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The lake my mother lives on, I took this while I was visiting at Chrismtas -- it's the view from her driveway. I grew up in Seattle, but she moved to this little lake community about an hour from the city last February. Being that it is Northwest Washington, and this was only my third visit to the house (once when I helped her find and purchase it, once for a week last summer, and then this past Christmas) I didn't know that the mountains were visible because they were never out. That is just the foothills, if you drive around the lake there's a nice view of the Cascades too:

When it is snowy:

Her little cabin in the woods, decorated for Christmas and being buried in snow:

There are things like chickens in the road there. It's a culture shock for me, a born and bred city girl, but it's absolutely lovely, and she's really happy there!

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