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Re: Actors with the most characters

Anyhoo - I'd like to nominate Patricia Tallman. She not only played a number of 2ndary and tertiary characters, she stunt-doubled for the female characters... Plus she's a hot redhead.

Acting roles:

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Timescape (1993) Alien #2 (uncredited)
Starship Mine (1993) Kiros
Power Play (1992) Security Officer (uncredited)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Muse (1996) Nurse Tagana (uncredited)
The Way of the Warrior (1995) Weapons Officer
Battle Lines (1993) Nima (uncredited)

Star Trek: Voyager (TV series)
Favorite Son (1997) Taresian Woman (uncredited)

Stunt Double gigs:

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Suspicions (1993) (stunt double: Gates McFadden - uncredited)
The Next Phase (1992) (stunt double: Michelle Forbes - uncredited)
The Outcast (1992) (stunt double: Melinda Culea - uncredited)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
What You Leave Behind (1999) (stunt double: Louise Fletcher - uncredited)
A Simple Investigation (1997) (stunt double: Dey Young - uncredited)
Melora (1993) (stunt double: Daphne Ashbrook - uncredited)
Invasive Procedures (1993) (stunt double: Nana Visitor - uncredited)
In the Hands of the Prophets (1993) (stunt double: Robin Christopher - uncredited)

Star Trek: Voyager
Persistence of Vision (1995) (stunt double: Carolyn Seymour - uncredited)
Heroes and Demons (1995) (stunt double: Marjorie Monaghan - uncredited)

Star Trek: Generations (fight double: Gwynyth Walsh - uncredited, stunts, water fall stunt double: Gates McFadden - uncredited)

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