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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

Christopher wrote: View Post
By coincidence, this was covered on a comics blog just a couple of days ago... in fact, Mal's stint as the Guardian lasted for all of one issue, and the way it happened wasn't too different from what we saw here:

I had read that about an hour or two before seeing the episode, yesterday. The only thing is, unless I'm missing something, in the show, the outfit did't have a powered exo-suit underneath it.

Mr Light wrote: View Post
Maybe it's the huuuuuuuge break between episodes but I'm confused as to who the bad guys are. For the episodes before now, it was the Kroletarians, is that a made up race? But I assumed it was always about Darkseid, because of all the hints in the third season. But now it appears to be the Reach. So were the Kros working for the Reach the whole time? Could Darkseid be behind the Reach? Is "The Light" working for the Reach? They always seemed to be with Darkseid in season one.
Aren't they're all made up races?

But to answer your question, as far as I can tell, the Kroloteans were created by Geoff Johns back in 2005. They were portrayed as Gremlins (not the movie type) who would mess with mechanical devices unnoticed, as well as abduct and mess with the evolution of living beings to turn them into weapons to sell.
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