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Re: TNG Caption This! 300: Captain, we're passing 300 contests!

Riker: Sir, is everything okay?

Picard: Oh, yes, Number One, it's just going to take me a minute to get moving in this damned one-piece uniform!

Picard: Geordi and his fetishes...Man, we need to get that boy laid!

Crusher: The main symptom is a bad hair day. Sir, you may be the only one on-board who is immune.

Picard: So, that's the deal. Beverly is really pissed off at me. I was thinking flowers...

Riker: Amateur move, sir. If it were me, I'd make up some assignment I had and get the Hell out of there.

Picard: And how well did that work for you and Counselor Troi?

Riker: I'm playing the long game, sir. Give me 15 years and then check in on how effective my plan was.

Worf: My targ? Man, I got to lay off the hallucinogenic drugs...
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