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Re: I think Data just doesn't LIKE to use contractions.

Christopher wrote:
That's not odd at all. In both cases, it would've been something just handed to him rather than something he achieved through his own efforts.
Right. An innate quality in Data is that he values the achievement of bettering himself, and if his dream program is any indicator, that is what Soong wanted for him that Lore never got, the opportunity to grow into his own sentience. Perhaps missing out on that growth was an important factor in why Lore was so troubled.
R. Star wrote:
Skimming over this thread.... Sometimes I just think people over complicate things
I don't think it's over complicating to want to reconcile what some people think are conflicting elements of a popular character.

So often I'm dismayed when people dismiss elements of Data as just being poorly written by lazy or incompetent writers, simply because they note surface inconsistencies. All characters have inconsistencies and conflict and can contradict themselves, but in Data's case it's just dismissed as bad writing, when it should be perfectly acceptable that these conflicting elements are part of his nature.

He didn't know he could dream. He might not know he's exhibiting emotional conditions at some level, and he probably hasn't figured out that he's mistaken about his inability to use contractions.

It's not like tech or timeline inconsistencies. Data is a character. He's not perfect, nor does he know everything, least of all about himself. If he did, there'd be no character arc at all

It all works just fine if you think about it.
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