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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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"As to the decals, from the screenshots, only one is visible and that is the one at the refueling station. I'm sure there are others as I've seen some on the backstage pics, but since they were not visible or noticeable in the aired episodes they're not going to be high priority for me to place in."
Sorry I have to get back again to the flight deck for a minute. If I remember correctly from this shuttlebay VFX miniature thread (I posted the link here several weeks or months ago) the white sign supposedly said "Warning Fire".

You interpret this unique port side wall structure as a refueling station. Alternately, I think we could be looking at an engine test installation, i.e. shuttlecraft is "glued" to the platform while performing an engine test at full power and those wall bumps are sensors that measure output and thrust.

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