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Re: Was Timeless the best Harry Kim episode better?

If you look at the episode closely, it is obvious that Chakotay is supposed to share the lead. But Wang was so much more vivid the Kim character took over. This is actually the case for practically all so-called Kim episodes. About the only episodes that are actually about Kim without a co-lead are The Chute, Favorite Son, The Disease and Nightingale.

The Chute ends with a benediction and plot resolution from Paris. I think it's good enough to compete with Timeless, but that certainly is a minority opinion. Most people are indifferent, near as I can tell.

Favorite Son was intended to humiliate Wang and Paris. And although it is a fascinating episode, it certainly isn't popular.

Nightingale may have been intended to do the same, although it's main target was micromanagers. Whether that was Berman himself, or some unknown suits at UPN is not for us peasants to know. Since Kim was deliberately written as an asshole to stand in for whoever the episode was aimed at, it too isn't popular.

The Disease highlighted Kim's male ingenue persona, always unpopular. Also, the notion that normal heterosexual love is somehow daringly rebellious and shockingly transgressive is hard to take seriously. Also unpopular.

Strictly speaking, Kim saved the ship in The Killing Game. This two-parter was quite entertaining, but is also a great example of how little interest Voyager really had in physical jeopardy plots.

In all, I'd have to say The Chute was the best episode that was more about Kim than anything else.
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