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Star Trek: Deception - A Fan Film

Hello there everyone!
I would like to show off a new project that I'm currently working on called Star Trek: Deception, which is a short fan film based in the Star Trek universe.

STD is a short fan-film being created by a group of friends whom all have one thing in common, a love of science fiction, namely Star Trek. Our backgrounds vary between us, some are into acting, others audio, and some are into visual effects, but together we have pooled our resources to create something we have all dreamed of but never thought possible, creating a Star Trek fan-film that we can all be proud of!

Star Trek: Deception on Facebook!

You can still help us out by 'liking' our Facebook page, which is constantly updated with news about the project and behind-the-scenes photos.

Star Trek: Deception Homepage!

For more information you can visit us on our main website

Thanks again!

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