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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Threads: First of all let me get this off my chest. I AM COMPLETELY OUTRAGED. You know how I said my Threads was 84 minutes? On the back of the dvd case it says Threads* and just below that *Threads is a special 84 minute episode. Well my episode was SIXTY THREE MINUTES LONG. Where the frakking fuckfuck are my other twenty minutes?!!!!!

Okay onwards, though my bitterness remains.

Daniel spends the episode in the Diner at the End of the Universe. I should be tired of this kind of thing by now, Warehouse 13 had a lot of that Diner and didn't Benny Russell hang out there too? But I loved it. Oma was excellent. Great acting and presence. I loved looking at her. And a very interesting explanation about Anubis. I suspect Oma has sacrificed herself to spend the rest of existence in a struggle with him like Lazarus in The Alternative Factor. Something she was unwilling to do before because she felt she could still do "good".

Carter and O'Neill. I've seen the future so I know they aren't picking out kitchen tiles. But I'm pretty darn curious to see what happens next.

Jacob is dead

That's a real sadness and I wish it didn't have to be that way. He died a hero too because he held out with Selmak until far too late in order to defeat the replicators. He seemed very at peace with this choice and his passing and he certainly did have an incredible extra years as a member of the Tok'ra. Rest in Peace Jacob Carter.

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