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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Coming June 14, 20...2014!!!

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If it's billed as 4, it's for sure a continuation, then? Not a reboot? Sorry, I can't find any confirmation of this.

Just wondering how a reboot would work within the confines of the original Crichton novel. Getting tired of sitting though origin stories again with all the superhero movies but a fresh take on the novel might be interesting.

Then again, I love the characters in the previous 3. Why not have more stuttering Jeff Goldblum, introspective Sam O'Neil and ass-kicking Laura Dern?
I suspect a "continuation", as much of one as we can get at this point. Which I think, really, given Spielberg these days is just not going to be a fantastic, great, take on the material. I just don't know what else there is to say in this franchise. I can give TLW something of a pass (excluding the San Diego sequences) because at least it was somewhat based on a book (with lame retcon in it to fit in with the movie franchise) but even that movie didn't have much new to offer. The third movie was just... Ugh. I "liked" it but it was just a rehash of everything. Dinosaurs. People stuck on an island. People want off island.

I really think a darker, more faithful adaptation of the book is needed.
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