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Voyager had it far too easy. Given all they went up against the ship was always in perfect condition by the beginning of the next episode.

The need for supplies and the hardships they faced along the way was never made a big thing. None of the crew had major morale problems (surely some would feel devastated at being 70 years away from home), and I find it weird that none of the others wanted kids. Given their situation and the fact that they only sure fire way home was a long trek, priority should have been given to start having kids and readying them to take over half way through.

Things like the reset button in Janeway's ready room, the shuttlecraft genie, and the fact that Borg tech solves everything made it far too easy for them. You never once had the sense that they might never get home. In all their many many battles, they came out victorious (even all the times they went up against the Borg, which just made them a very pathetic species). Surely in order to survive they would run or hide as often as they fought, yes its not as glamerous as an all out battle using self-replicating torpedoes (how else could they use more than 38 torpedoes that couldn't be replaced?), but its more realistic.

Also as a Federation ship, they were doing a lot of exploring, but where were their attempts to make peace? Ally themselves with other races for supplies and support, maybe even try and lay the groundwork for a DQ Federation? Not every species out there will be 'evil'.
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