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Tomalak's intelligence?

Reading through the Typhon Pact books recently, I've been struck by the characterization of Tomalak as, if not a total buffoon, something of a dullard. It's been coming up a lot.

Honestly, I'd never really gotten that impression from TNG, as it seemed to me the writers were trying to portray him as Picard's "opposite number" in the Romulan fleet.

Sure, he got outwitted by the Enterprise crew several times, but then... so did everyone.

I don't really remember any older novels, from the pre-relaunch continuity days, portraying Tomalak as a simpleton, either.

Am I the only one that feels this way? Or was my youthful impression of Tomalak from the series simply biased by my hope for a cool Romulan?
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