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It was an alien probe, not an anomaly.

The effect scanned the shit out of Voyager, read all it's databases, and every ones diary, and then dumped a bunch of new information they assumed was fair trade which Janeway might find useful, before wandering off leaving Voyager and her crew none the worse.

Neelix thought his girl friend who wouldn't frakk him was frakking other guys.

There are levels to being cool.

When a girl says that she's not into sex, that can be fine, but when she says that she isn't into sex but what she really means is that she's not into sex with you specifically despite using you constantly to open pickle jars and kill spiders, the relationship is one sided and confusing because you brought your ticket for the ride and everyone is pushing in front of you in the queue.

It's just not fair.

No I didn't say that all a woman can offer to a relationship is sex, because she didn't offer sex and he stayed.

Touchy, touchy.
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