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Re: Question/Opinions Haynes Bird of Prey Manual

The ILM modelmakers most likely intended 360 feet (110 meters), since that is the length listed on the original Star Trek III size chart, and later adopted into VFX charts all the way through DS9 (episodic variations in TNG notwithstanding). You probably worked with the usual 12-13 foot deck height, but not every starship designer has used that, which might be one reason for the slight increase.

However, it's a fortunate coincidence that VFX supervisor David Stipes had lengthened specifically the Rotarran to 450 feet (137 meters), in order to make it look better next to an assumed 560-foot Defiant. So the number clearly fits the intent of people who worked with the Rotarran on DS9, which is important if one is to flesh out the interior in a manner consistent with the show.

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