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Re: Braga wants your ideas for Bluray extras

My brief ideas for a DVD extra.

1st idea.

Dominic in character, shirtless, "acting" an instructional "how to video" for how to apply decontamination Gel to yourself and your decon buddy.

And then for the expert class he shows how to apply Decon Gel to a dog without losing a finger.

2nd idea.

Future guy in character doing a DVD comentary like he's watching a history vid.

3rd idea

The dog who played Porthos doing a dvd commentary. Just a lot of barking.

4th idea

An open letter to Jolene apologising for making her feel like a piece of meat in general and because of Berman.

5th idea

Dvd easter eggs buttons that look like Porthos has poohed on the ships corridors and other places like Archer's pillow in his bed room.

6th idea

For the bluray release (too late?) that has to coincide with a convention, that has Enteprise actors who are vlogged schilling this crap all over again.

7th idea.

Unused, rejected scripts. Table read the buggers and fillm it. Just use interns there's no need to pay any one 20 grand for a days work, if you can call reading aloud "work".

8th idea

Cut together unexpected footage to show Enterprise battling and whacking unlikely foes form stock footage, but considering copywirte considerations it's unlikley they could do much more than stacking all the Enterprises against one another... But for some reaon I want to see Enterprise take out Tintins Rocket Ship from Explorers on the Moon.

9th idea.

Find a handyman arts and crafts fanperson who can show us how to make "realistic" looking Enterprise props out of common day house hold iteams. Seriously there's this episode of Blue Peter where they show us how to make a transporter bracelet from Blakes Seven. It's awesome.

10th idea.

Tell us with conviction who Future guy is, and not just tweet some made up bullshit. Go through the motions. Make a documentary/short fillm about pressures from studio to bring on a temporal cold war, fan theories, staff theories and then the suits insistance to kill it with "Tosk" and how he was powerless, and then finally the big reveal.
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