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Re: TNG Caption This! 300: Captain, we're passing 300 contests!

Happy 300 Leadhead! TFTPSW~!

Picard: Number One. Is my hand submersed in a jug of warm water?
Data: Negative Captain, it is the collected runoff of -
Riker: Data! Yes sir. Water, sir.
Picard: Mister Data, do you concur?
Data: Yes sir. Technically primarily water, sir.

Picard: Computer, location of Counselor Troi?
Computer: Counselor Troi is not aboard ship.
Picard: Heh heh heh.

Riker: I still can't tell if she's wearing a bra. Computer, increase humidity level by ten more percent.

Crusher: Why the damn is it so hot in here???

Number One, there is a Klingon on my bridge.

Yes sir. Commander Worf, sir. You assigned him as relief flight control and tactical officer.

Then you weren't just making up crewmen for a drinking game?


Tell me you didn't assign us a telepathic head shrinker and a blind engineer!

Worf: Lieutenant Worf, reporting for duty sir.

Picard: I'll enter your duty into the log with the rest of the regular duties, Lieutenant. It's long log today.

Riker: Your first assignment is to assess your Tactical Progress and dump all your TP reports to the poop deck commander. Then wash your hands of it. If we think you're good, we'll leave you a stool for your station.

Worf: Yes sir! Thank you sir!

Ensign: What a douche.

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