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Sciffy should rename itself Sturgeon's Law-- 90% of it is crap. However, the other 10% includes some good stuff. The wrestling and paranormal shows belong on other channels, no doubt about it, but much of their original programming is good. Currently, Warehouse 13, Being Human and Lost Girl are very good. Haven is not very good, but it's entertaining. Merlin is good, but I don't get to see it very often. In the past, Sanctuary, Eureka and the first two Stargates were very good. Farscape was good, though I didn't care for it. And, being a big fan of B-Movies, I always tape the Saturday night movie.

I do miss the classic shows-- that's what they should be running instead of the paranormal and wrestling shows. Sure they are available on DVD, but DVDs don't catch and hook casual viewers. MeTV does show a handful of genre shows, but I think the world needs a nostalgia channel devoted exclusively to creative programming.
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