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I know this is a somewhat pedantic question but in Twisted why didn't all the crew end up in Sandrines - the anomaly was closing in and pushing everyone into the centre of the ship so why the hell weren't there any other crew members going there......did they all just see the weird wobbly thing coming towards them and think,..."ah screw it, i'll just stay here and carry on doing what i'm doing and let it pass over me....i'm sure it's nothing".....the bridge crew went to engineering, the dining area, the jeffries tubes, walked around the ship and slowly got pushed to the where the hell were the rest of the crew.....just standing around, getting on with work, taking a dump, happy to let the unknown anomaly wash over them as they went about their business

Also, this is the episode where Neelix comes across as a psychotic boyfriend, ready to violently beat Kes at any given moment because she knew where other crew members quarters were - he actually came across as a very deeply disturbed individual.....comic relief my arse
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