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Re: Star Trek will be out of date soon!

All it takes is a bit of 'suspension of disbelief', and a bit of imagination, to overlook the apparent asthetic short-comings of Treks of the past. It might look considerably more primitive, but on reflection those electronic clipboard things that they occasionally used in TOS could, technically speaking, easily be iPad-like tech.

On the other hand, to get back to what the OP was actually asking... going into the future, any Trek revival would naturally have to adapt to gadgets with more modern-type applications. The only narrative excuse one might make is that, sometime after the 'World War 3' occasionally mentioned in the TNG era, Earth technology took something of a retrograde step back. Or maybe they simply discovered that broad based devices which work on an Earth atmosphere simply won't cut it in deep space, so they were forced to return to something that operates in a more primitive way? The successful operation of our current mobile technology relies on communication devices in orbit around our planet, so it seems perfectly reasonable to me that explorers to some distant, never visited world would instead need to use devices which are more like old-fashioned person-to-person walkie talkies.
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