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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Ezri: Is it right hand to the right? No, left hand faces forward and sweeps - arrgh!

Sisko: The Pimp Hand isn't about movement, it's about turning a bitch out.

Martok: I take it back. Pimp hand beats head butt.

Kira: What's wrong with Julian?
Worf: Do you know that urban myth when someone goes to bed with a stranger and wakes up in a bathtub of ice with their kidney gone?
Kira: Yes. Did that happen to Julian?
Worf: What? No. I slapped him stupid. I just like urban myths.

Garak: Your prostate checks out.
Worf: Turn your head and cough.
Julian: Started without me again, I see.

O'Brien: Did that bat just fly out of your crotch?
Dax: Not funny, Odo!
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