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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

6. Django Unchained (✩✩✩) - Theatre - I wasn't as blown away as everyone else was. Seeing a blaxploitation western with clever moments was fun, but it was slow at times and not as stylized as what I'm accustomed to from Tarantino.

7. Inglourious Basterds (✩✩✩) - Live TV - Finally saw this. Two new Tarantino movies in one day. It hooked me right away, but my attention was tenuous for most of the movie until the ending got me back. The story idea was a good one and Tarantino's exploitation style was there, but it was a little too flat. I'm also docking half a star for the subtitles. I don't like them and I didn't like that much of the movie had them. On a more positive note though, Christoph Waltz was a real standout. His character was a fascinating one. A very astute B.S. detector who could make people (and the viewer) uncomfortable with his ability to get too close to the truth. I can see how this got him some attention and launched his english movie career.

p.s. I have The Green Hornet on as I'm writing this. It's the third movie I've seen today with Waltz. He's really lucked out with some fun characters.

Theatre: 2
DVD: 2
Blu-ray: 1
Live TV: 2
Recorded TV: 0
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