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Re: Nvidia moves into the handheld market.

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Maybe I don't want to sit at the computer, or have a notebook in my lap. Maybe I just want a handheld console, but I want to play something that's normally only on my PC.
But would you really spend at least $199 (there's no way it'll be cheaper than this) for a device that plays games that you're already capable of playing? You could buy a 3DS or Vita instead and get access to games you don't already have and you can even play them outside your home. The Wii U streaming is a good feature because it's a secondary feature that complements the system. No would would ever buy a Wii U just for the streaming capabilities of the Game Pad. If this Project Shield came for free with one of Nvidia's graphics cards it'd be a pretty sweet extra, but as a standalone device I can't see anyone buying this outside of hardcore PC gamers with plenty of disposable income.
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