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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Mixed feelings about the Broncos loss. On one hand, they far exceeded my expectations this season. I really thought this would be a 8-9 win, get comfortable and get back into rhythm season. I never would have guessed 13-3 and legitimate contenders for the Super Bowl, and I thought anyone who did expect that this season was being unrealistic. So from that perspective, I should be somewhat happy and optimistic for the future. On the other hand, they've raised the bar to much through the season that it's frustrating to watch a promising season end like that. It sucks that they lost by three bloody points, especially when you consider how bad they looked at certain points in the game- if they got rid of even one of those mistakes along the way, could they have won it and moved on? At least Denver can place claim to participating in the only good game so far this postseason (even if the refs needed to be taken behind the stadium and beaten by members of both teams). I'm hopeful for next year though!

While I normally root for the complete failure of the teams that stick it to Denver, I'm going to go ahead and root for the Ravens now. I'm a Ray Lewis fan, and if Denver can't make it to the promised land, I can at least root for Lewis to end his career in style.
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