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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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First Mount Justice and now the Hall of Justice. The way things are going these folks won't have any headquarters left.

I loved seeing L-Ron.
I recognized him from the speech patterns about five seconds before he said his name.

They just need to set up a new headquarters that doesn't use the word "Justice" in the name. Obviously it's a jinx.

Christopher wrote: View Post
And the idea of hiding something in Earth orbit is particularly absurd. With all the satellites and astronauts we have up there, Earth orbital space is constantly monitored by NASA and other agencies so we know the location of even small pieces of debris. There's no way something in orbit could be hidden from the planet's governments.
I was thinking almost the opposite: "So what! They have a satellite-- big deal! How about everything else that's already up there! You're not accusing Dish Network of spying on us, so what's so special about the JLA?!"

The real answer, of course, is who Glorious Godfrey is really working for. But I doubt the show will last long enough to show that.

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The only thing I didn't like about this episode of YJ was that it was yet another example of "variable power levels". Mal should have been a red smear.
Yeah, that was pretty silly. Good armor, I guess.
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