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Re: Ro Laren

I liked her character arc and her TNG "swan song" in "Preemptive Strike" but, after watching DS9, was disappointed that she didn't turn up as part of the Maquis at some point, which would've made some interesting conflicts between Kira and her and Sisko and her (I'm sure that Starfleet would have been hunting her given her betrayal in PS). It would be sad to think that she perished along with the rest of the Maquis when the Dominion came into the AQ on the side of Cardassia. Come to think of it, they never really explained (at least not on DS9, maybe they touched on it on VOY) what happened to the surviving Maqis. Were they all jailed, were they pardoned for their crimes and repatriated as Federation citizens and given new homes? When the Dominion/Cardassians wiped out the Maquis colonies it was basically a unilateral end to the Cardassian-Federation treaty that lead to the creation of the DMZ and the colonies, so their whole cause had been rendered moot. Sort of depressing when you think about it..........
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