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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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Easy, Timby. I was referring more to his less-than-stellar luck in the playoffs than his actual performance. It was pretty obvious that he can't put as much on the ball as he used to, a lot of his passes had barely any zip on them. And yeah, John Fox's ridiculously odd and conservative playcalling didn't help matters.
Sorry, I've just been seeing a lot of "Peyton can't do it in the playoffs" narrative since the game and it's driving me nuts.

Honestly, getting to a Super Bowl under Jim fuckin' Caldwell should be worth an extra win or two.
Although as a Patriots fan it was definitely nice to see Peyton go down in the playoffs again.

I'll bet CBS was hoping for a Peyton/Brady match-up in the AFC Championship Game. Ratings!
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