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Re: Big Finish Multi-Doctor 50th Anny Announcement

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Thing is, I thought Big Finish isn't really allowed to do anything related to the new series?
They're not.
Oh, that's right. It slipped my mind earlier. Oh well.

The quoted words "behind the project" may mean that the "support" the project, not that they're a part of it.
Yeah, that's what it sounds like.

Tennant has been in Big Finish productions in the past. It would be amusing if he appeared in a non-Doctor role as Colonel Brimmicombe-Woode (or whatever the name of his UNIT character is).
It would be interesting if Briggs' comment actually meant that the three would be involved, just not playing The Doctor. That shouldn't be a rights issue. Though I think I'm reading a bit too much into it...
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