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For all of the complaints about SyFy, I think there are more people watching the network now than ever before, IIRC..
Yeah. Personally, I think people tend to romanticize the past where Sci Fi/Syfy is concerned. Sure, they aired FARSCAPE back in the old days, but that was only one night a week. Most of their schedule consisted of reruns of old, cancelled shows. I used to refer to it as the Lost Elephant's Graveyard of Dead Genre Shows. I tended to watch the original stuff like THE INVISIBLE MAN and FARSCAPE, but had little interest in rewatching ancient episodes of THE INCREDIBLE HULK or whatever, aside from checking out an occasional ep for nostalgia's sake.

And, of course, now that pretty much everything is available on DVD, there's even less point in a channel that mostly reruns vintage sf shows. Anyone who wants to veg out on old BUCK ROGERS episodes can just buy the boxed set or download them from NetFlix or whatever . . ..
I think it's how it went down, not only did they add wrestling to the lineup but it took place of the day where they showed all their best loved original programming. Not bound to leave a good taste.

And maybe it's because I personally don't care for their reality tv type programming like Ghost Hunters/Face Off/Scare Tactics/etc, etc I would prefer old reruns to that. Though I never understood why they dumped a bunch of episodes into a block rather than air a show in a time slot where one might tune in every day. I suppose the new programming is easier to consume in random chunks and probably works better for the way they air their programs.
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