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Re: Character choice

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F) Neelix

Why? The Annoyance Factor, which must be a specialty for Ethan Phillips. His character in the film The Island had some Neelix qualities too.

As for your choices...

-B4 wasn't around enough to be terribly annoying and he wasn't even the worst thing in Nemesis anyways.
-Young Wesley... sure he was annoying, but I found it more annoying they let a kid run around on a starship... think the navy would let my 15 year old cousin play on a nuclear sub?
-Kim... he wasn't annoying, he was pathetic.
-Chakotay... he wasn't annoying, he was boring.
-Rom.... yeah he was annoying at times, but he had the best character arc out of anyone you named too.
It's the character you like the least, not the one you find the most annoying.
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