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Re: The Ocampan Water would have destroyed the Kazon.

There are no space dollars?

There are no space dollars.

Just barter.

x amount of water = y amount of cormaline.

Everyone wants cormaline which in this part of the galaxy is rare and useful enough to possibly be indispensable or irreplaceable, why else deal with scum like the kazon?

Suddenly after the Ocampan oceans are opened to exploitation...

1,000,000x Water > 1,000,000/y cormaline.

Until the Ogla figure out what they want, if anything, cormaline is the most priceless substance there is in that corner of the Delta Quadrant if their many, many buyers can't find a alternate supplier, who will also be jacking up their prices since the Kazon seem to be on holiday.

Do the Kazon have tractor beams?

Harvesting comets would difficult with grappler harpoons like Archer's Enterprise tried to waddle on with. And if they tried to build a big honking space gun on Ocampa like the human had on Mars in the 22nd century to divert the trajectory of comets towards towards the Martian polar caps, even a senile old half asleep codger like caretaker would blow it the frakk up since his big honking space guns are bigger.
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