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Re: Fringe 5x11 - "The Boy Must Live" (Discussion, Spoilers)

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Has it been explained why the Observers invaded in the first place? What did they hope to achieve by invading the past?

Has it also been addressed why all the observers are male? I get that they now reproduce in gestation chambers but in their purge of emotions did they simply do away with women? I don't think that we saw any in 2609.
Yeah this is why I don't like season 5, just feels liek the writers went "Shit, we need to impress Fox to get a fifth season, let's make Observers badguys and invade".

They haven't explained shit. If they wrecked their planet so badly in the future, then why come back just to wreck it sooner? Makes no sense.

The thinknig on no women is probably as lame as...

Women = Emotional
Emotion = Bad
Women = Bad

I was hoping they would explore the whys of everything in this season, they haven't at all, so I'll just be happy with the other universe showing up again.
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