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Re: can the star trek animated series be reanimated?

Actually, in revisiting Filmation's shows on DVD in recent years, I've found that they didn't do as much music recycling between shows as I thought. There were some cues that were used in multiple shows; a lot of their comedies recycled the same cues, and music from Lassie's Rescue Rangers was heavily featured in Tarzan, Shazam, Isis, Batman, and occasionally TAS, while TAS cues showed up in Batman and occasionally Jason of Star Command. But each show had its own original library of cues as well, music that was used constantly within that show but rarely or never used elsewhere. And nothing from before about 1979 was used afterward. There's no TAS music in Flash Gordon or Blackstar or The Lone Ranger or Zorro, though Blackstar recycled quite a lot of Flash Gordon music, and at least one Lone Ranger cue was frequently used on Zorro. (I recall a specific horn-fanfare cue from Tarzan that was used once or twice in Flash Gordon, but there was a Lone Ranger episode that could've used it at a certain point, but instead used a less fitting music fragment from Flash Gordon's score.)

Of course, the Flash Gordon movie is a special case, since most of the scoring was scene-specific rather than written as library music. So it didn't need to reuse any old music, and it provided a large library of cues for the FG series and Blackstar to draw from.

As for Hoyt Curtin, like I said, I just never got as much into his work as into Ellis/Prescott (or Yvette Blais and Jeff Michael, as they were pseudonymously credited). The main things of his I remember are a recurring Scooby-Doo leitmotif (which is semi-pastiched at times in the score to the current Mystery Incorporated series) and some of his Flintstones cues.
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