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Re: The Ocampan Water would have destroyed the Kazon.

All currency is is a commodity in absentia of something real which once upon a time a long time ago was simply the gold standard.

How long would it take them to get their shit together?

5 weeks or 5 years?

It's the length of the depression that can be categorized as "dark ages" if it gets silly enough..

Considering the malleability of the sects, it wouldn't be the destruction of Kazon et all, but a complete shift of the power structure of the sects if not the complete restructuring of the sects which would happen just a little bloodily as opportunists try to seize control.

Neelix said the Ogla wanted water, and others have water and want other stuff.

The delicate balance would be stuffed.

So really, it's just the Kazon as we know them would have been destroyed rather than the kazon forever and always.

My apologies for being so vague.

The real problem is that everyone else in the sector would have to figure out how to pay for theOcampan cormaline that the Ogla were stock piling from their refinery on Ocampa and had now no longer any idea how to price, and since they had all the water they needed... didn't need to mine anymore anyways, so the rest of the sector was shit out of luck as their fleets began to run down because of the lack of a vital and "rare" (yes, DS9 I know) mineral essential to thei r spaece going societies.

Besdes 90 percent of the water which the Kazon took was probably used as coolant for the drills burring into the Cormaline deposits...
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