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Yorktown-class Cruiser (ST: Republic AU)

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Hiya, folks.

Some of you are already familar with my finished story Star Trek: Republic (Book I: Wounded Warriors) and the second (incomplete) work (Book II: Ties of Blood). I will be resuming that second one shortly. Here are the links to both works on this site.

In the meantime, I am looking ahead and we will shortly be in need of a new ship to replace the Korolev-class (readers will already know she has suffered mightly).

I am going to be introducing a new ship. And I'd like your thoughts on the design. Yes, I know that folks frown upon homebrew ships, but I still want your thoughts.

Unlike the earlier Republic (NCC-51497) of my story, this new ship will be a brand-new modern design. Now, I didn't want to use a Sovereign-class (a little bit TOO much in my opinion), but the alternatives were few and far between. The Intrepid-class is just too small (and her warp nacelles look absurb), and the Luna-class is kind of meh. Not to mention undergunned for something that is supposed to be as large as an Excelsior.

All the other modern ships (in the time of my story) are even smaller and, frankly, weirder looking. So, I turned again to the internet. I found a promising design by Simon Toyall over on Starship Schematics Database that I liked. This is his base design, but I have modified the design, adding the port/starboard phaser strips, the dorsal engineering hull phaser strip, and the belly strips, as well as 'dropping' the saucer two decks to give the nacelles clearance forward (as Gene's rules say the nacelles must be visible from forward). And eliminated the wasp-waist of the original. Here is the original design: so you can see what modifications I have made.

I am not using this drawing for profit, but only to represent the ship in my story (which is free). And I credit Mister Toyall fully with the original design.

This new (modified) ship ( shown on my photobucket page is designated the Yorktown-class and it was what I wanted. I have decided that she is the second Yorktown-class Cruiser that has entered service with Starfleet, with overall dimensions of 474 meters in length, with a beam of around 180 meters, and a total height of 78 meters with 15 habitable decks. Brand new design debuting in 2376.

But that is all I have on her. I need to determine her Warp Speed (cruise, flank, and maximum) without wanking her out in the process. Same with her armament: I know that she carries six phaser strip arrays (saucer ventral and dorsal), engineering hull (dorsal/stern, belly, port, and starboard) and three torpedo launchers (two forward and one aft). As she debuts in 2376, her launchers are quantum capable and I was planning on a total magazine payload of 210 torpedoes and/or probes (70 per launcher; typically with 40 photon torpedoes, 10 quantum, and 20 probes each). As her shuttle bay is astern (traditional location that I like), I figure she probably carries about 8 shuttles around the size of a Type 6, plus four smaller shuttle-pods, and one larger shuttle (like the one from Nemesis). Plus an aero-shuttle (i.e., runabout) in a ventral dock beneath the saucer that serves as the Captain's Gig (I refuse to call it a yacht!).

Okay, having said all of that, what do you think the Yorktown-class Cruiser USS Republic (NCC-81371) should be? How fast should she be, how powerful her phasers, the size of her crew, number of passengers, maximum evacuation capacity, shuttlecraft carried, . . . or if I have just got the wrong idea completely here? And yes, I selected that NCC number to pay homage to the original series, which had Republic with NCC-1371.
Anyway, any advice or suggestions that you are willing to offer will be accepted gratefully. Thanks in advance.

Master Arminas

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