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Re: Was Timeless the best Harry Kim episode better?

He destroyed the Universe because Chakotay's girlfriend wouldn't fuck him.

Still a prick.

Besides, skip ahead to Relativity and Braxton claims thatTimeless never happened.

(Did he? Did he really? that's not strictly what he said.)

(Shut up. It's one interpretation of the events and... Fuck it.)

Timecop Stormtrooper kicked some doors down and took Kim, Chakotay and Tessa off to timecop prison for daring to be so damn presumptuous as to defy the natural order of things.


Kim and Chuckles were so incompetent that their message into the past wouldn't have gotten through to Janeway to preserve the natural order of things unless Braxton "helped" behind from the scenes counterbalancing their incompetence and... Oh dear god.

Tessa was Braxton in Disguise!!!!!!

Braxton was Tessa in disguise having sex with Chakotay and Kim was Jealous because it was he who wanted to have sex with Captain Braxton!
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