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I've only read Taking Wing and Orion's Hounds. I thought Taking Wing was enjoyable enough. I really liked the idea of the more diverse alien crew, it seemed like to me this was the way starfleet vessels should always have been portrayed but obviously things like TV budgets got in the way. The situation with the Romulans was interesting and i don't think there were to many new aliens introduced or that the book was in anyway confusing it seemed like a natural continuation of the events of Nemesis. I do think the book suffered from to many characters, I had trouble keeping track of them all at times.

Orion's Hounds was fantastic. Interesting Aliens and an epic scope. I think the book hit exactly the right balance between returning elements and concepts and new ones. it was great to see the Jellyfish aliens again and the way the author tied them and the other space life forms together was great. All the new aliens in the book were very well developed and played an important role in the plot so didn't seem to have been introduced to add more aliens to the book in my opion. i really cant say enough good things about Orion's Hound's.
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