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Re: Does It Get Better???


About the Doctor episodes, I'd have to agree that I'm not the biggest fan of his character or his episodes. I think the actor is fine, but the character just comes across to me as really one dimensional. Too often he's just played for laughs, and that I find gets old fast.

About Memorial, I'd agree it has a lot in common with The Inner Light, but the latter is far superior IMO. In Memorial I don't know who these aliens are, and I'm not sure why I should relate to them or care about them. Yes, it's terrible what happened to them, but without the personal touch that TNG had (meeting the community, his wife, children, etc.) the massacre doesn't move me in the same way the death of the community in The Inner Light did. By the end of the latter I knew who these people were, and I was deeply saddened to see them go. In Memorial I was just left with a sick and uncomfortable feeling. I guess in TNG's episode I thought they handled the drama and pacing much more skillfully, and overall I just preferred the brighter tone of the The Inner Light to the darker tone of Memorial.
Also, The Inner Light was a great developmental episode for Picard. He settled down, raised a family, and we were able to see what his life would have been like had he not joined Starfleet. It was very touching to watch! TNG at its absolute finest.
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