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Besides Vanguard, Titan was my first serious foray into ST novels, back in December 2008. I, too, had trouble picturing all of the aliens but I was instantly delighted by the concept of species diversity cutting down on the Human infestation of Starfleet.

So, I went to Memory Beta, checked all of the aliens and printed a paper with pictures of each new alien and the name of associated crewmembers. Voilá.

I love the renewed theme of exploration (beginning with a journey to another galaxy!) and the Titan's astrometric lab is impressive and easy to picture (mentally). I loved to move further from Nemesis and to see the Star Trek universe didn't end in 2379.

The characters were likeable as well, there's nobody among the crew I didn't like, among them the reinvigorated Trois, the snarky Vale, the Casanovan genius Xin, the emerging Melora Pazlar, the calm Jazem, the awesome dinosaur Ree, and more. Besides the Voyager relaunch, it is my favourite Lit series at the moment.
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