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Re: First time watching Enterprise!


Classic trek story of the Enterprise crew observing a pre-warp civilization and finding that all is not as it seems. The bad guy was stereotypical cliché and obvious. Should have made his species more alien imho. Then they could have pulled his rubber mask off at the end and he could have proclaimed ‘and I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those darned humans!’

I adore the fashions in this episode except for Archers which looks overly flamboyant. T’pol looks like an elf Is it mere coincidence that she and Trip have complementing outfits?

I really like the alien doctor lady she has a really pretty dress and a genuinely nice personality with a touch of eccentricity. It’s a shame they couldn’t bring her with them but she was needed to help cure the sickness plus she was obviously one of the great minds of her world and of great value if her people were to advance in the field of medical science. They would probably still advance but more slowly without her gentle genius there to speed things along.

I also really like that they left the Vulcans to look out for these people. It shows that Archer is growing up a bit and more accepting of help and is consistent with the bit of development that he got in the previous episode. Overall this episode gets three and half stars the cliché villain failed to impress but everything else was great.
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