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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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I do wonder how the Justice League managed to keep the Watchtower a secret. It does not appear to be cloaked in anyway. Keeping it hidden would have been possible if it had been located on the moon, but it's an asteroid in orbit. Someone MUST have seen it. Why wouldn't the light have told the world since they know it's up there.
Right. Too many TV/movie writers don't realize that you can't hide things in space, because there are no horizons in space. Anyone with a telescope can see what's out there, and there are millions of amateur astronomers the world over.

And the idea of hiding something in Earth orbit is particularly absurd. With all the satellites and astronauts we have up there, Earth orbital space is constantly monitored by NASA and other agencies so we know the location of even small pieces of debris. There's no way something in orbit could be hidden from the planet's governments. Even if it were cloaked against visual detection and shielded against impacts from orbital debris, NASA could discover it by how it altered the trajectories of the bits of debris that struck its shields.
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