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Re: Stormfront would have been better if...

India and Pakistan are always squaring off.

No one cares.

Not even India and Pakistan.

It's just how they communicate.

Although his empire comprised India, Pakistan (Bangladesh, Shir Lanka, etc...) and the middle east, and probably a chunk of China too...

Just brown and yellow people.

Although all that oil in the Middle East?

Did Khan convert into a Muslim, was he already a Muslim or did he dissolve the religion when he took over the Middle East? Controlling that part of the world is difficult, Winston Churchill called Iraq "an ungrateful Volcano" but what would you rather have? Genetic augmentation or faith in a god that doesn't listen? Although if Khan was a... He wore a Turban in the Space Seed, had long hair and carried a sword and had an Indian surname... Unintentional or otherwise from the wardrobe department in the 60s, that frakk was a Sikh. A Sikh ruling faction could totally integrate and co-operate with the Muslim world if they walked a very fine line without having to resort to criminalizing the Muslim faith.

And now for something really insulting.

If you tripled the intellect of everyone in the middle east, they would quickly realise that all religion is just charming bedtime stories that work well as moral guidelines for sheep and cowards. Hells, if he couldn't just dose the water table, khan could sell augmentation as a gift from god or even apotheosis and the true believers would line up by the million. (Although if Khan had a sense of humour he would have only augmented the women.)

Religion wouldn't matter?

So possibly seamlessly Khan takes over in the aftermath or even during Desert Storm I, his troops under a UN or Indian Flag marched on Baghdad, when all orders and common sense prevailed that they should have stopped, yet some how his superior intellect maintains order and maintains the supply of oil to the west. And as long as the oil keeps flowing America stays happy and doesn't have to turn on it's war machine and 1996 looks exactly like how it did in Voy: Futures End.

Khan sends Saddam's severed head in a box to President Bubbah for his birthday.... Or if Desert Storm I, had actually had a satisfying conclusion, maybe Bush snr would have had his second term?

But which ever President that Khan sent that chubby head to: Best friends FOREVER!
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