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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Usually I HATE episodes like this. New villain is introduced and gets the drop on all the main characters only because they turn so DUMB in the episode. First John gets the drop on Gwen by kissing her with paralyzing kiss, then the drop on Owen and Tosh in dark room full of boxes, and finally Ianto in the middle of a deserted office? Come on! At least making it look like it was difficult to do for the new villain by very special guest star James Marsters.

This episode had way too many twists for its own good. I can't say it was any better than average. The only thing that saves it is James Marsters' acting. Good to see "Spike" again.

WOW! This was a great episode. I actually cared about one of Torchwood's guest characters. When this episode started I thought it was going to be another lame filler of the week, but was pleasantly surprised with what we DID get.

I thought the actress that played Beth was great and made me FEEL how awful her life was being a sleeper agent for some kind of advance alien race. You just know she was really an alien, but a part of you wished that she wasn't. The whole interrogation was creepy.

All the alien sleeper agents activating and blowing shit up was exciting. I was surprised that they they only concentrated on one city thought instead of being worldwide. I couldn't help but laugh at that part when the alien women let the baby stroller go and it rolled onto the busy road. I hope that wasn't the kind of reaction the writers were hoping to get from the audience with that scene. The alien weapon being a huge long blade felt a little too much like the T1000 but it was threatening enough with the probably low budget they had.

Beth's fate ending on a sad note was what made the episode. I also loved the ending which hinted at the invasion force still being out there and the fact that there might be further attacks. They really should have used THIS episode for the season/series 1 finale instead of that stupidly bad CGI monster thing that we did get in "End of Days".
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