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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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I personally have a hard time believing that a Russian main character captain will take center stage of any possible new ST TV series any time soon.
I don't see why. The Cold War ended a generation ago.

Sure, odds are that any lead character in an American show will be American,
Or at times maybe British....

but I don't see why any show today would have a specific prejudice against Russians. Particularly a Star Trek series. Russia was a pioneering power in space exploration and has been honored for that many times in Trek.
I think the problem is not really within the Star Trek ranks, but how it would be embraced when transmitted out to the American populace.

I think ST in general has been very open. Wasn't the inclusion of Chekov due to Russian Americans voicing their dissatisfaction to a lack of positive Russian portrayals and presence?

Roddenberry trying to cash in on the Monkees craze and a newspaper report in Pravda that never existed.
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