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Re: ENT Caption Contest #86: Worst. Slumber Party. Ever.

Reed - You owe me 10 bucks Ensign. You said I wouldn't stick my tongue out at the Captian.

Mayweather - He's not even here.

Phlox - You call that a tongue?

Sato - I've cleaned my teeth 5 times and I can still taste denobulan seamen.

T'Pol - Captian, are you aware that the doctor is whoring himself around the female crew members.

Archer - I know, this is the lasted video. I never would have believed Hoshi was so adventurous in bed.

Hoshi - What are you smiling at?
Mayweather - Just thinking of a video the doctor sent me.

Tucker - Ooooooh is that the doctors latest video?
Phlox - "I'm fine!"
T'Pol - "You nearly shot the captain's dog!"
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